Above and beyond the real estate agent limits

When I was preparing to sell my house and was going to have a moving sale Bill loaned me much needed tables to stack the "merchandise" on. He was very knowledgeable about the local and regional market place. He suggested a reasonable listing price and helpful hints of what I should do to make the house more "salable". When the house was tested for radon and came up 4% high, which would cost $750.00 or so to mitigate, we talked it over and I said that this was OK, and to continue with the sale. I noted to him how the test was performed. His response was to re-test the house, in that he felt that the re-testing would show a different result, eliminating the $750.00 mitigation fees.

Great negotiator and listening ear

Bill sold our house and helped us negotiate our new house purchase. Very good negotiator. Always willing to talk and answer all our questions no matter how simple.